Diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis!

business planning Aug 09, 2021


Have you ever wondered why I'm always talking about diagnosis?

Diagnosing your business. - Well if you have, here’s why!


There are four main parts to The Business Jet Engine:

    1. Laying out the Diagnostic = Seeing your business as a system 
    2. Scoring = Diagnosing your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Deciding the priority areas to fix, change or improve
    4. Creating simple but effective plans


50% of the tasks lead to diagnosis. But why so much emphasis up front?

From my many years in product design, I learnt that

if you don't fully understand the problem you're trying to solve…  you can’t solve it!


From experience, the more I asked questions, the more I understood the problem. The more I understood the problem, the better solutions I found. In fact, sometimes, I discovered that...

When you fully understand a problem, the solution reveals itself!


There are times a solution can seem so obvious, you might wonder why no one has solved it before. But the answer is normally that no one had asked enough questions. 

No one has really taken time to understand the problem – before jumping in to solve it.


In business, many business owners are feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot to do, and even more to try and get right. 

Bombarded by advice from a multitude of experts, it's easy to try and fix too many problems at once - and often - not the right problems.


Not all the parts of your business are equal. They’re different for every business. 

And many will be out of balance - causing your business to be out of balance!


And here’s the key issue. 

Your business isn’t a to-do list or a chart with a wheel. It’s a system of inter-related parts that have cause and effect relationships.

Seeing your business as a system doesn’t mean it’s complex. But you need to have a simple diagram that shows you the key parts - and what they effect - to makes the right changes.

Then you need to answer precision, expert questions to accurately score each area.



And this is exactly why I place so much emphasis in laying out the model, the system, the diagnostic - and insisting business owners score the strengths and weakness of their business - before deciding what to do next and how to do it.


Skip parts 1 and 2… and you’re wasting your time!


So if you haven’t already, why not download your free diagnostic taster toolkit with explainer video - and get started!


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