Why Thinking Like a Child is Great for Business

customer service Oct 09, 2017

Paul Matthews - Regional Director (Sussex) - Shopper Annonymous

My 6-year-old daughter is particularly inquisitive and it sometimes feels as though almost everything that she says is a question.

When we are young we naturally ask questions to gain knowledge, to make sense and to understand. Yet as we mature it seems that our thirst for information and our desire to find out reduces.

Questions are powerful, as they are not just an opportunity to learn, but they demonstrate an interest in the subject or individual the question is about. In the business world, a question can transform an experience from short and pointless, to the start of a long-term, profitable relationship.

As well as providing valuable mystery visit and enquiry reports for our clients, there is an ever-growing desire from them to understand what their competitors are doing. We are often asked to carry out mystery visits on behalf of our clients on their competition, to benchmark them and to ensure they stay one step ahead. Very recently I personally completed such a visit to an Opticians, and I wanted to share with you my experience, which went like this:


Receptionist: "Good Morning"

Me: "Morning, I was wondering how much it is for an eye test?"

Receptionist: "It's £30, unless you have a family history of Glaucoma then it could be free"

Me: "No, there's no history that I am aware of"

Receptionist: "Then it would be £30"


Me: "Okay"


Me: "Okay, thanks for your help, bye"

Receptionist: "Bye"


In this situation, the most simple of questions "Would you like me to see when the next available appointment is?" could have turned this enquiry into £'s in the till. Not just £30 for the eye test but potentially hundreds more on new spectacles over the coming years, not to mention referrals.

I wonder how often this situation is occurring in this business, and the amount of revenue is being missed all because of a lack of thinking like a 6-year-old and asking a question?

As a parent, there is always a desire to teach and show our children, however, maybe we need to take more lessons from our children when it comes to asking more questions.

Paul Matthews - Regional Director (Sussex) - Shopper Anonymous

I believe customer service is critical to any business’ success no matter what the sector.

I know through two decades worth of experience of working directly with customers, managing large teams and leading teams to excellence that with the right feedback, training and motivation higher service standards and profits will be achieved. Take care of the customer and the business will thrive.

I am passionate about helping businesses to realise their full potential by identifying the gap between perception and reality. Once identified the process of improvement can begin through structured feedback and training to enable your people to excel.

My aim is to provide you with the highest quality feedback through our bespoke mystery shopping and customer feedback solutions.

If you “think” your business is already delivering great service, and maximising all revenue opportunities it’s unlikely you will contact me, but if you want to “know” if it is then my number is 07710394729.

I would love to meet you to talk about your business and what I can do, to help you get to where you want to go.



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