Re-Marketing/Re-Targeting: What, Why and How

sales & marketing Oct 02, 2017

Matt Southam - Director - MJS Media

Remarketing: the process of marketing your products and services to those who have already expressed an interest in them.

In this blog, we will look at ways that you can do this, the benefits (as well as some negatives) and how remarketing is more cost-effective than marketing to the masses.

Firstly, let's kick off with what the difference between Remarketing and Retargeting is - and it's not as easy as you would think!

Generally, retargeting is making contact with users who have visited your website. You've probably seen this when browsing Amazon for some shopping and then when you leave and go to Facebook you see adverts for exactly what you were just looking at!

Remarketing is making contact with existing customers, or those who have signed up for your mailing list and are a little further along the sales funnel. However, Google launched their retargeting service and called it Remarketing so, for now, we are just going to group all of it under the umbrella of remarketing.

How to implement Remarketing

Website Visits

Remarking from your website works by adding a small tracking cookie on your website which tracks users' interaction. This can be set up on certain pages such as a checkout page which wasn't completed or for a certain product.

This Cookie is stored on the visitor's computer and then when they visit other sites custom banners and adverts are displayed to them, usually involving something to do with the specific products or services they have already shown interest in. You can then customise an advert just for these visitors. Perhaps offering a discount code or free delivery to encourage them to go back to your website to checkout.

The 2 most popular remarketing services are Google Remarketing which work across the Google Display Network and Facebook. It is easy for the cost to get quite high on both but as you are targeting people who have already shown an interest in you, the conversion rate is much higher and therefore it can become very cost effective.

Re-marketing to existing customers

When setting up a marketing campaign we always suggest starting with your existing client base and those who are on your mailing list. Why? Well assuming you did a good job when they first bought from you they are more likely to buy again! This makes the conversion rate even higher than website remarketing.

One great tip is to create a spreadsheet of all your main customers and add in a list of all your main products and services and see who has bought what. If you are an accountant and you do someone's tax return for them see if they also need payroll service. When we build a website for a client we keep in touch with them and see if after a few months they would like to add one of our Marketing Services so that we can push even more visitors to their website. If you have sold a service which could do with some maintenance why not keep in touch and remarket this.

Email Campaigns

While we all receive many more emails than we would like to, it is still a great idea to keep in touch with those on your mailing list to let them know what you've been up to and how you can help. If you are launching a new product or service tell these people first, they have already put some trust in you by providing their email address.

A final word of warning 

Too much remarketing will annoy people and have a negative effect. The idea that your business has been tracking their navigation of your website could make some people wary of you so don't show too many adverts to them or you will ruin all trust you have built up. The same with your mailing list; only send an email to someone if it could benefit them. Tell them what they want to know, not what you want to tell them. By doing this you will be seen as helpful.

Helping and Selling are only 2 letters different, but one is much stronger in the long run.

Matt Southam - Director - MJS Media

MJS Media is a creative marketing agency based in Hastings.

Matt works with clients to audit their current marketing before helping them discover and implement new ways which will drive more business to them.

Working with a wide range of sectors to deliver everything from website design, organic and paid for social media, PPC, SEO and promotional videography, Matt ensures all businesses can receive professional and effective marketing to help them grow.

Matt is an active networker and can also often be found delivering free marketing advice via blogs and videos on the company website and social media platforms.

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