ORM (Online Reputation Management)

sales & marketing Jan 29, 2018

Sonny Cutting - Managing Director - Sussex Pages

The term ‘online reputation’ is a myth, because your ‘online reputation’ in today’s digital world is, simply put, your reputation. The power of the internet and your presence online, is not to be ignored or underestimated.

There are two different types of negative feedback that can affect your company and brand; feedback on social networks and the more damaging, search engine results (where defamatory results come up in results).

 Online Reputation Management (ORM) or social media monitoring is vital for companies to gather public content which is posted online (whether it be from articles to Facebook posts or even tweets) and then process this content to determine whether it has a positive or negative effect on their company’s reputation. Social media monitoring can be done through many channels; either by doing it yourself (Google Alert is a fantastic and free tool), or through hiring a professional to do it for you.

Nowadays, in such a technologically driven era, online image is crucial to the success of businesses. So how can you keep up a positive online reputation?

Our top three tips are as follows:

1) React quickly and politely

Chances are, if you have a complaint via a social media channel, it will be less complex than one that requires them picking up the phone to explain. Nevertheless, you don’t want to leave this query or problem unanswered for the whole world to see and ponder ‘why aren’t they answering?’. Get on it as soon as possible, even an acknowledgment that there is a problem and you are working to fix it is better than a late reply with the answer.


2) Treat your Google search pages with utmost respect

People looking up your company and finding bad reviews on the main google search page is asking for trouble. Make sure to keep up your positive SEO to ensure these searches provide only good things to say about your business. First impressions really do count, so make it a good one.


3) Ask for help

If you find the task of Online Reputation Management too daunting or overwhelming and you find your reputation is suffering, don’t be afraid to ask help from the professionals.


 At Sussex Pages we can help. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

Sonny Cutting - Director - Sussex Pages

Sonny Cutting is the Managing Director of Sussex Pages, which is a leading provider of Creative, Digital and Social Media Management Services across Sussex. The company offers innovative solutions in these market areas. As a company, we’re committed to quality across all spectrums of business, embracing change and seeking to continually improve our services.

We are proud to strive to demonstrate positive leadership skills in all areas of the business and we always communicate in a pro-active and visionary way. Sonny is a successful entrepreneur and has helped develop several local companies.

Sonny's long-term corporate vision of the company is to reflect on the core ideology of the organisation and to stay true to the principles of the business, by nurturing our client relationships in the long term with close partnerships. Sonny also thinks that by sharing expertise, useful skills, and tips on our blogs with latest business trends and insights, that we will be able to position ourselves as thought leaders.

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