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From Designer to Business Coach

In my first career, I was a designer. My passion was creating products. I designed all sorts of goods from toothbrushes, beer pumps, and cosmetics packaging to computer casings and medical equipment.

Although I designed them to the best of my ability, I never felt I was really making a big enough difference. As I looked at myself and the people around me, I realised that it wasn’t the products in our hands but how we lived on a day-to-day basis - our mindset and psychology - that mattered most.

It is how we think, feel and act - that makes the biggest difference - to the total  quality of our lives. 

Thus began my transition from designing products to my true passion of working with psychology, relationships, leadership, business and  coaching - and making simple but powerful tools - from those disciplines.

As we spend more time at work than in any other place, it became apparent that I could make a bigger difference by helping people gain deeper satisfaction and success with their relationships and businesses - so giving them more love, freedom and choices in their lives...

Leading to the power of... 

The Business Jet Engine growth model!

The Business Jet Engine

Smart Business Planning & Growth - made easy

The BJE is a model designed for business owners who want to grow their businesses. 

It shows you a simple straightforward process that you can use wherever you are in your business journey...

to plan with clarity, manage your growth and achieve your goals.

The model enables you to see your business as a system, so that you can simply and quickly identify the key parts to improve.

I've put together a range of products to suit every budget and degree of ambition...

from a simple booked crammed with ideas...

to my flagship offer - Jet Club - my online membership group, built to give you a powerful team of support - based on The Business Jet Engine process. 

All of these will help you to think like an expert - as you work more strategically towards your goals.

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You Became A Business Owner Because You Wanted...


Decide when, how and even where you work.

More time for you

Spend more time with your family and friends.

To pursue your passion

Doing what you love and do best.

This is all possible. Together we can make it happen!

Simple By Design

Using my carefully designed growth model, I have seen countless business owners improve their businesses - and seen their lives change for the better as a result.

As one client said, "It's almost too simple! - But that's the beauty of it!"

The model develops as you do, and can be used with increasing complexity as you and your business grows.

But whatever your level, the central idea is that the model is quick, simple and easy to use.

But enough about me, let me show you how to get your business flying.

The Business Jet Engine

Giving You Lift-Off To Freedom - In Business & Life


Grow Your Business -  Now


Find out how you can think, plan - and grow your life of freedom

like an expert - and start improving your business TODAY!


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