Giving You Lift-Off To Freedom - With Clarity & Confidence


Do you have a good business - but it's just not performing as you know it should - or giving you the lifestyle and freedom you deserve


Bombarded by advice, you've tried many things, but nothing seems to change?


Well it doesn't have to be this way...

You can improve your business, year upon year, by applying a simple model designed for business owners like you.

Your business has the potential to grow, be profitable, and enjoyable.


With The Power Planner, this can start to happen today!



Make Your Business Work For You,

Not The Other Way Around


Do you lack the clarity and confidence to make strategic decisions to maximise your business - consistently?

Burnt Out?

Are you tired and exhausted, fixing too many things at once? Overwhelmed, do you feel like giving up?


Is it solely you carrying the burden of your business, with the hardest decisions always down to you?

Leading A Business Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

Just like you, I've been there growing my own businesses, as I learnt my craft...
  • I had great Ideas but lacked the wisdom to implement them strategically.
  • I knew I had to work 'smart' but didn't know how.
  • I lacked time and  resources. Even my team weren't as engaged as they could be.
  • I  wanted to grow, but didn't know how to scale effectively.
  • My plans were best guesses. I was making it up. I didn't know what I was doing.

I was a designer, not a business expert. Not yet anyway... 

All of these problems hurt me, my business and my life. But for you, it doesn't have to be this way!

This Is Why I Created The Power Planner

It often takes business owners 10 years of painful and costly mistakes to run a successful business. Whatever your level of experience - it's time to become an expert - and confidently plan your next steps. 


What Is The Power Planner?

Simply put, it's a suite of video tutorials and interactive diagnostic templates to help you plan your business like an expert - quickly and simply!

The Planner lies at the heart of the Jet Engine model. It's the primary tool around which the model revolves.

The tutorials show you how to put simple but powerful plans in place - like an expert - to improve your business, year on year.

Honed and simplified, tried and tested with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes, it will get you and your team focused on your priority tasks for maximum impact.

It  will significantly improve your success at work - helping create the time and money - to enjoy the rest of your life!

The Power Planner Is For You

If You Want To...

Grow your

Be in control with a focused plan

See the rewards of your work 

And You Want To Avoid:

Working  longer and harder

Doing everything

Wasting time on low impact tasks

Benefits At A Glance:

  • Gets your business running effectively
  • Saves you years of costly mistakes
  • Grows with you as you grow your business
  • Applies whatever your business acumen; basic, intermediate, advanced
  • Applies whatever your business size; micro, small, medium, large
  • The more you use it, the more powerful the model becomes

You're great at what you do!

You just need a simple but power approach to plan your changes and growth!


Simon Bulteel

Cooden Tax Consulting

"It brings clarity of mind"

I've been working my way through the Business Jet Engine for the last two years, running a small tax consultancy with three employees and a number of other third parties who support me.

Everything was ad hoc and I was running around putting out fires.

The Jet Engine is a godsend, if you're honest and open with your appraisal of where things are.

It's given me focus and structure on the areas of my business where I can have the most impact - and areas where I can maintain the status quo. 

I was surprised that Finances and KPIs were a definite weakness for the business - despite me being an accountant!

I love that it gives you a snap shot of where you are. And because of the scoring process - if you keep a track - see how far you have come. 

I now have a lot more clarity and as a result of have been working on a brand new marketing campaign with a marketing consultant.

I'm so glad I've been using the BJE to improve my business. And whenever I get stuck - I go back to the eBook and the basics.

"You need to know the fundamentals."

Every business is unique - especially yours. 

But despite this there are fundamental principles that hold true, whatever your business model, industry, shape or size.

You need to know how to work with these to speed your success.


The Planner will show you how!


What Is Included In The Power Planner:

Plus, You Also Get...

A complete copy of The Business Jet Engine e-Book packed with 100s of ideas

Download your copy of the book and have it on all your devices. 

The e-book will help fill any gaps in your knowledge. In particular, Section 3 covers the "advanced basics" to help you complete your plans - if you're not sure what to do – and will give you ideas to brainstorm with your team.

The book is also packed with additional ideas and information based on my 20 years of business and leadership coaching.

It's a must have for any ambitious business owner.

Membership of The Power Planners' Facebook Group

This members' forum is the perfect place for ambitious business owners subscribed to The BJE Planner to share their journey with likeminded people.

Your business has the potential to grow, to be profitable, and to be enjoyable. - But why do it alone? It's easier when you have support.

The Facebook group is the place for this; to get feedback on your plans, create ideas, share tips, ask questions, get answers... and develop your BJE network for the journey!

Stewart Pierce

former FD, Parker Building Supplies

"We used The Business Jet Engine to great effect"

It’s a simple but powerful tool that helped us create an aligned strategy across all our 21 branches.

The Power Planner


plus VAT

  • Access to the full suite of step-by-step videos
  • A complete copy of The Business Jet Engine® e-Book - packed with 100s of ideas
  • Quickstart guides and book extracts  for each section
  • Interactive Diagnostic Questions at increasing levels of sophistication from Basic (7 questions) to Advanced (300+ questions)
  • Numerous Tools and Templates to complete The Business Jet Engine® process
  • Membership of The BJE Planners' Facebook Group

30 Day Money Back 

I am so confident you will love The Power Planner and the power of The Business Jet Engine model as you apply it to your business, that...

My 30-Day Guarantee gives you a full month to apply the tools and ideas, risk-free.

If you really don't value the power of the model, despite doing the work - I’ll give you a full refund!

For full details of our policy, please read the section “Refund Policy” on the Terms & Conditions page.

Meet Your Business Coach

Martin Riley, founder of The Business Jet Engine and author of The Business Jet Engine Book, is a business expert who helps entrepreneurs and business owners manage and grow their businesses in the most effective way.

He has created simple but powerful tools that make the biggest difference in improving your time spent at work.

Through his work with hundreds of clients, he has seen companies make significant improvements within the first year - even months - of applying his model.

He has now created The Power Planner which shows you exactly how to use this model to grow your business effectively. 


Does The Planner Really Work?

Mandy Purdie


"A business owners revelation"

The Jet Engine has been a revelation for me. It's made me look, in depth, at my business and what I'm doing, across the board, in every aspect.

It's changed the way I think about what I need to do - and outsource those bits of running the business, quite frankly, I was no good at.

You cant be good at everything - right?

Some things were blatantly obvious, but not seen, as I was too close to see the wood for the trees.

Over the last two years, I've revisited my Jet Engine model several times, to see where I am now and what needs looking at.

Each time it concentrates my mind - and the efforts of my team - to where the most value lies. And what we need to improve the bottom line and growth.

I can't recommend the process enough! 

The website is clear and very usable. The lessons and additional material can be worked through in your own time with brilliant results! 

Simon Groves

PRG Ltd 

"Invaluable support for my business"

Martin Riley's Business Jet Engine model has been a game changer for my company and my team.

Taking a ruthlessly honest approach, we were able to score ourselves and quickly see how we currently stood.

We prioritised and addressed key areas in order - though everything was up for review and improvement.

Some key areas have now seen drastic improvement ...

including customer service, upselling and marketing to our existing clients, staff engagement and team development - to name but a few.

We have used it as a tool to further engage the team, which has been incredibly helpful and has been universally embraced.

We continue to use the Jet Engine to review progress, aid with planning and guide ongoing business improvement.

I can't recommend The Business Jet Engine enough if you are serious about taking your business forward and investing in the future.

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