From product designer

to expert business coach


working with business leaders to develop better business tools for over 20 years

The Design Approach

In my first career I was a designer. My passion was creating products. I designed all sorts of goods from toothbrushes, beer pumps, cosmetics packaging to computer casings and medical equipment. Although I designed them to the best of my ability, I never felt I was really making a big enough difference. As I looked at myself and the people around me, I realised that it wasn’t the products in our hands but our mindset and psychology that mattered most.

It is how we think, feel and act  that makes the biggest difference to our quality of life. 

Thus began my slow transition from designing products to psychology, coaching and working with information. As we spend more time at work than in any other place, it became apparent that I could make a difference by improving the quality of work and the success people have in business, leading to The Business Jet Engine® tools.

Common Business Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make is trying to improve too many elements at once. What happens then is a lack of focus and progress, resulting in confusion, demotivation and burnout. One of the objectives of The Business Jet Engine® is to help you focus your priorities for the year ahead. It will help you discover what will make the biggest difference in the long-term. A business that has focus remains more motivated and makes more targeted progress.

Martin Riley - Leadership & Business Development

I have worked with many people over the past two decades as a leadership trainer and business coach. I’ve helped business owners put out fires and re-focus so they can grow. I have seen how often they share a similar journey, a common pattern of mistakes and through this I have discovered the key steps to speed business progress. To help my clients, I have devised a way of putting all these parts together that is far more powerful than a to-do list of jobs or parts. I put it together as a living, breathing system.

The Business Jet Engine® model

As I watched my clients on their common journey, a metaphor started to appear. I played around with this idea, and developed it further until it grew into The Business Jet Engine® model where all the parts made sense. At last I had a picture, a system, a diagram that clarified everything. This is the system I use today to empower business owners to achieve their goals and dreams. I use the model to great effect with businesses large and small, from one-man-bands to companies with 300+ staff. Clients who use it wish they had it many years ago. And those more experienced wish they had it earlier to share with their staff.

Dan Stone - The Story of Bin Man Dan

During the early days of The Business Jet Engine® I spent time working with Dan Stone, owner of a large waste management operation with four interrelated companies. Dan was working flat out in his business and had very little time to think about where he or the business was going. It was hard to know what to focus on first. However, the clarity given by The Business Jet Engine® model helped identify his main problem areas and quickly set priority actions to get them fixed. These priorities became the successful focus for that year allowing Dan to take a significant step toward the larger, more profitable business that is JM Waste Management today.

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