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It often takes business owners 10 years of painful and costly mistakes to recognise all the parts required for a successful business. Whatever your current level of experience it's time to get clear on the journey ahead and confidently plan your next steps.

Download The 7 Part Business Diagnostic Worksheet

This worksheet introduces 7 essential business diagnostic questions - to get the big picture fast!


The 7 Part Business Diagnostic




Growing a new business rapidly is both exciting and rewarding - but often the business develops more quickly than the business leader; causing uncertainty when planning for the future.

Business leaders that have a clear understanding of the many parts of their business, and what's required to run it successfully, move forward with confident actions.

This worksheet puts in order the information you need, to take the right actions first, for greatest overall impact in your business.

Download the worksheet and watch the video below...

No two businesses are exactly alike, but for many the journey is similar.

The tools that we have designed for business leaders solve many different problems, and although the starting place may not be the same, we’re generally after a similar outcome. A better business!

'Better’ will mean different things to different people, and that’s the beauty of these tools, they focus on you. They take your dreams, your ambitions, and work with the knowledge and experience you already have to give you greater focus, clarity and direction.

They also work to further your business knowledge and equip you with the skills of a successful business leader.


What is a FastStart!? - and does this really describe your business journey?

Many new business owners are fantastic at what they do. With superb knowledge of their brilliant new product or service and a small group of engaged customers who have helped the business to rapid success.

These businesses are often lead by people who have great entrepreneurial spirit and the determination needed to make it work.

However, these business owners typically have not come from a business background - this means that decisions are made on a best guess or from friendly advice. There is still so much to learn... So much information and experience required to give the business leader confidence in their approach and a better chance at long-term success.


FastStarts have had an excellent first couple of years. But require support to reach their full potential.

We love working with FastStarts, they’re such an exciting group!

Full of great ideas for new products, or new directions, or new offerings, or new channels, or new targets - and although this energy can be fantastic, it can also cause confusion and lack of progress. It’s not possible to do everything at once, and when you’re new to business and excited to continue your journey to success it can be tempting to do too much too soon. 

Creating structure in your business can often be the first step to making these decisions easier to make; having a really good understanding of your finances and processes, weaknesses and strengths, and the resources available to you.

You can then get focused on what to do first - one thing at a time.

As the business develops so will your knowledge and your available resources - allowing you to do more, grow quicker, and achieve your goals.

Online business tools are an excellent way of progressing your knowledge and honing your skills, in a convenient format.

Access worksheets, videos, diagrams, and animations anywhere and anytime.


So when you’re not busy working in your business, you can get busy working on it!

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