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Many developed businesses are too reliant on the MD or owner to set strategic direction. Not only is this frustrating, it often means key leaders work solely on their own areas, avoiding responsibility for overall business success. It's time to engage and align your leadership team.

Download The 7 Part Business Diagnostic Worksheet

This worksheet introduces 7 essential business diagnostic questions - to get your leadership team engaged fast!

The 7 Part Business Diagnostic



Inspire Ownership

Teams that have been involved in the planning and decision making process not only understand the actions required but feel far greater ownership and responsibility for their part. Resulting in higher performance and success.

This simple but structured approach to business planning creates alignment and buy in with leaders at all levels.

Watch the video to see how we use this worksheet for creating plans the whole team get behind.

Download the tool and watch the video below...

It takes years of hard work to create a well established and successful business. 

With extensive experience, many mature business leaders have created their success by developing methods and systems that work. Honing the approach that best fits their business. 

But in still taking sole responsibility for setting the direction of an established business, mature business leaders often fail to reap the rewards of this success, with little time away from the business for other pursuits.

To alleviate this dependance, it is crucial for leadership teams to reenergise the business strategy and drive the business forward without it all coming from the business leader.


BoardRoom businesses are driven by engaged leadership teams.

With established departments working well, key leaders are often busy managing their own teams, without a good picture of the entire business, and taking no responsibility for its overall success. This often results in the business operating in silos with no alignment between departments.

For the future of the business, the entire leadership team must understand the importance on an aligned approach to strategic planning, and their role in the implementation of that plan.

We have created these online business tools to create a common language and approach to solving problems that move the business forward with all leaders on board. Designed and tested over many years, and built for simplicity these tools are easy to understand and share with the entire leadership team.


Inspire your leadership team to take ownership.

Teams that have been involved in the planning and decision making process not only understand the actions required but feel far greater ownership and responsibility for their part. Resulting in higher performance and success.

Re-invigorated and energised, teams are motivated to communicate, solve problems and work better together. Step by step, removing barriers, accomplishing goals and hitting targets.

It's well know that higher team engagement results in higher business performance - lifting your business to new levels!

Online business tools are an excellent way of developing your leadership team, aligning them around common methods, in a convenient format.

Access worksheets, videos, diagrams, and animations anywhere and anytime.


Inspire your leadership team to take responsibility for the success of your business.

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