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Many business owners are bombarded by advice, and either attempt to fix too many things at once but get lost and confused, or take no action through uncertainty. With greater focus on your top priorities, you can create highly effective plans for sustainable progress. It's time to break through the barriers to success!

Download The 7 Part Business Diagnostic Worksheet

This worksheet introduces 7 essential business diagnostic questions - to help you focus on your most important next step!

The 7 Part Business Diagnostic



As the driving force behind your business, finding time to plan for the future can be one of your greatest challenges.

Getting your team focused on completing the tasks that will make the biggest difference is key to your continued success.

Designed for absolute clarity The Business Jet Engine shows the main parts required to make a business work at its best.

This simple diagnostic tool is easy to understand and share, so your team will be inspired and engaged knowing what actions they need to take - and most importantly why - and how they contribute to your overall success.

Download the tool and watch the video below...



For clarity, focus and a clear direction forward.

Independence. Freedom. More time for you? There are many good reasons to start a small business - feeling overwhelmed and stressed is not one of them!

Many small business owners are bombarded by advice, and either attempt to fix too many things at once but get lost and confused, or take no action through uncertainty. Growing a business and planning for it's future is exciting and empowering, but without an effective approach it's easy for nothing to get done.

Designed with business leaders in mind, we have created many simple but highly effective tools for getting the most from your business and your team.


MiddleWeights have a great small business, a good team, and plenty of work.

With a number of successful years behind them MiddleWeight business owners are beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labours.

Building a business to this size takes courage and persistence, facing many challenges along the way whilst working hard to provide a great product or service to customers.

Getting this far and running a successful business should feel great!


But growth seems to have stalled...

Even with every successes to date, the business is still close to being so much better, if only there was time to identify the most important next step, and then implement it.

For many MiddleWeight businesses, the problem is that the business leader remains heavily embroiled in the day to day running of the business. And without the time to plan for the future, the business just isn't growing any more.

For things to change - YOU must change, and take new actions for a new result.


Inspiring teams to take new actions

For many of the MiddleWeight business owners we work with, recognising the need to delegate more, and trust their teams, is the start of creating a clear direction forward.

Training staff effectively, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to take on more responsibilities will provide you with more freedom and more time to plan for growth.

With simpler, more effective methods, get your business back on track - achieve the goals you set out to!

Online business tools are an excellent way of gaining expert knowledge to share with your team, apply directly in your business. 

Access worksheets, videos, diagrams, and animations anywhere and anytime.


So when you’re not busy working in your business, you can get busy working on it!

Business Diagnostic Model

£99.00 GBP

Bringing clarity to the task of deciding what to do next. Getting focused on your priorities for the year. Start you...

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Business Planning Model

£99.00 GBP

See the big picture. With your diagnostic complete, identify your priorities and create simple but effective plans. ...

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The Business Jet Engine® Online

£899.00 GBP

See with clarity your priorities for the year. Create plans that get done.  Improve your business year after ye...

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