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How Does The Diagnostic Toolkit Work?

Quickly diagnose what is going on in your business by answering just 17 questions about areas of your business.

This interactive PDF will help you understand :

  • The parts that make a business work at its best
  • Where you're weak or strong
  • The interrelationship of the parts
  • Which areas cause bottlenecks
  • Where you need to focus your efforts for the greatest effect

In just 15-20 minutes it will introduce you to the power of The Business Jet Engine. 

Business Planning Made Simple

"Getting yourself and your team focused on completing the tasks that will make the biggest differences, is key to your continued success" Ready? Get yours now: 


Meet Your Business Coach

Martin Riley, founder of The Business Jet Engine and author of The Business Jet Engine Book, is a business expert who helps entrepreneurs and business owners manage and grow their businesses in the most efficient way possible following the Business Jet Engine model he designed.

He has created simple but powerful tools that make the biggest difference in improving your time spent at work.

Through his work with hundreds of clients, he has seen firsthand, companies make significant improvements within the first year - even months - of applying his model.

He has now created the BJE Online where you can learn exactly how to use this model to grow your own business.

See What Other Business Owners Have To Say:

Emma Pearce

"Clarity for you and your team"

As the owner of a 3 person marketing agency, the Jet Engine has been perfect for gaining clarity on all aspects of my business.

It's so easy to quickly gain a fantastic insight into what your priorities should be and your immediate actions.

And you can simply run it again at any time to update it.

It's also been fantastic to use with my team - so we are all on the same page - and I gain their perspective and ideas too.

Any leader should have a team that understands why you are doing what you do.

It's such a relief to feel more in control!

Mark Vaesen

"I turned my business around"

I can't overstate the importance of the Business Jet Engine to my business. When we started , my business was not in a good place . I was ready to jack it all in.

But the clarity the Jet Engine gave me meant I could focus on the areas that needed the most attention.

I still needed to put in the hard yards, but

I started to see a difference within a few months.

The trajectory has continued since....

The business has become more stable, then grown to a position better than it has ever been - and the future looks extremely positive.

Joel Fielder

"Helps me focus on what has most impact"

As a business owner, it can be difficult to work out what to do next...

especially if things are well organised and there's no obvious problems or fire-fighting.

The BJE solves this problem with a simple framework, that helps you to assess the effectiveness of each part of your business.

You can focus your attention on the areas that will have most impact...

whilst avoiding wasted time and resources on projects that have limited value.

It's easy to use and you don't need an MBA to apply it - highly recommended.