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The Business Jet Engine® is a powerful diagnostic tool that helps you:

• see your business as a system
• score where you are weak or strong
• identify your priority areas - to fix or improve for the year ahead
• create simple plans that get done
• increase your business knowledge over time

The first step in achieving your goals doesn’t have to be challenging!

This short course contains the basic Business Jet Engine tools for a quick and focused assessment of your current business position, creating a top level picture of your whole business. This is like the picture on a puzzle box - it shows you where all the little pieces go. Using your own business knowledge you will quickly identify the key areas for development this year. 

The Business Jet Engine® - simplified
This one minute video builds The Business Jet Engine® model. Follow step by step how the jet engine metaphor translates into a simple map of a business. From your product or service, through marketing, finance, people, and concluding with planning, this simple animation is easy to follow and remember.

7 Diagnostic Questions
The true value of using this model is in understanding which business functions need your immediate attention. The simplified animation is accompanied by 7 top level questions to quickly identify the key strengths and weaknesses of your business.


The Business Jet Engine® - in full
The complete model expands on the major processes within each business function. This allows you to hone in on a specific area for development.

17 Diagnostic Questions
Gain even greater clarity on why specific processes are not performing as they should. Add scores to the 17 key parts of your business. 

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